If you have ever run into someone out of Idaho you have probably heard some really terrible things said about Idaho. I don't want to live anywhere else. Idaho is the home I didn't know I needed. But when I travel and say I am from Idaho, some people have some terrible things to say.

Things like:


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    Idaho? There is nothing in Idaho

    Sure, there is nothing in Idaho if you hate the wilderness, all four seasons, rich history, a beautiful canyon, the Niagara of the West, waterfalls, rivers, fishing, hiking, camping, potatoes, farm land, lakes, great food, friendly people, and guns. That is just to name a few, I could go on and on forever. But, if you insist there is nothing in Idaho, that is ok, we don't really want you here anyway.

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    You mean Iowa? Or Ohio?

    Idaho is in the Pacific Northwest not the Midwest. Idaho is its own state and place. Idaho is not Iowa. Idaho is potatoes, not corn, but a little bit of corn.

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    The people there are redneck

    But really, what is a redneck? If you count a redneck as someone who loves guns, the outdoors and their freedom, sure, Idahoans are redneck. If you think redneck is uneducated, you could not be more wrong. Over 54 percent of Idahoans have a high school diploma which is higher than the national average, 35 percent of Idahoans have a higher degree which is just slightly less than the national average.

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    All Idaho has are potatoes

    Although Idaho potatoes are, in fact, the best potato in the world, there are a lot of other exports we produce. Sugar beets are a huge thing in Idaho. Idaho is one of the biggest producers of lentils. In Hagerman, they supply 75 percent of the worlds caviar, and Idaho is one of the top barley-producing states.

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    The weather is brutal

    This one kind of depends on where you live. Southern Idaho isn't that bad in the winter, if you forget about snowmagedon anyway. North Idaho has way more snow. Twin Falls and the Magic Valley has a lot of wind. Eastern Idaho can get really cold and snowy, Overall, I wouldn't say the weather is brutal, it just does what it wants.

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