The second Idaho sighting this year of one of the country's most fabled creatures was recently reported to a national organization that investigates and archives such information. A camper along the banks of a north Idaho river contacted the center and shared the story.

Idaho now has its second official report of Bigfoot in the books for 2020. The latest sighting, labeled a Class B sighting (#65924) of the mythical beast was reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization on August 12, 2020, by a camper in Shoshone County, Idaho. It happened near the Saint Joe River, which is located 480 miles north of Twin Falls.

A man reported hearing what he described as "knocks" and "whoops," or calls of some sort, while listening to music and chopping wood. He also went on to say that after he turned his music down, he witnessed something standing above on a nearby road, "staring down at me." There were no other campers in close proximity to the witness when the incident happened, according to the report.

The last Idaho sighting happened back in March of this year along the Priest River. This report detailed physical evidence left behind at the scene.

The BFRO spent close to an hour investigating the man's claims over the telephone, and found them worthy of filing a report. This same individual also claimed to have had a sighting eight years earlier over Labor Day weekend, in which he described the animal (or man) as having "Big eyes, and a big face."

The History Channel did an interesting series on Bigfoot, for those interested.

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