A north Idaho resident recently reported an incident to a national Bigfoot tracking center. He claimed to hear strange howls in the evening near his property, and also reported a 2017 incident in which he believed he discovered an impression left by a sasquatch.

A property owner near Priest River, Idaho, recently shared an experience he had to the National Bigfoot Reporting Organization, in which he describes hearing "low, deep-voiced" screams in the night which reportedly frightened his dogs. The March 6, 2020, report was logged a few days after the incident in mountains surrounding the property in Bonner County.

The witness reported hearing the sounds for approximately 15 minutes, near Eastside Road. The evening was also described as "dead quiet," which made the screams even more noticeable. The homeowner was getting ready to let dogs out for their evening walk when the noises began at approximately 11 p.m.

The witness also reported a 2017 incident to the center in which claims of possible Bigfoot "butt cheek" impressions were found in the snow next to a "shredded deer." The report, filed as #64180, is listed as a Class B sighting. The witness said footprints were also found in the snow that measured approximately a size 12 men's boot.

A follow-up telephone investigation was conducted by the BFRO on March 10, 2020, in which his story was found to be credible. The individual who reported the incident was a logger by profession, and spent more than 40 years working in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska.

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