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Copper is one of the most important metals for modern civilization.  When it’s in short supply, people go to great lengths to acquire it, including stealing it from plumbing and the wiring in street lamps.  The demand is only going to grow as we rush into a green economy without thinking about unforeseen consequences.  There’s simply not going to be enough to meet the goals set by modern governments.

Bloomberg has a story about a massive copper mine in Mongolia.  It’s remote and sandwiched between American adversaries.  The world needs many more mines the same size.  We simply don’t have them and may never have enough to wire the transition from what is called the fossil fuel era.

How come nobody thought about these things when they told us this was the way to save the planet?

Here at home, mining is a bad word.  There was a link this morning at Real Clear Energy.  A pair of writers explain the Biden Administration is hostile to mining interests in Minnesota, a state rich in mineral deposits.

I shared the story on-air and received a note from Darr Moon, a miner from Idaho’s central highlands.  He reminded me Idaho is rich in minerals.  He even included a telegram from Dwight Eisenhower, sent to Idaho miners in 1943, praising them for contributions to the war effort.

This isn’t only an issue if you want a green energy transition, it’s a national security issue.  No in my backyard is a stale argument.  Mining would also pay well and bring in some serious dollars for our state economy.

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