As you can see above, Democrats often have the advantage of taking their homes wherever they’re going.  I suppose it’s what spurs class envy.  Without the jealousy, how would the Democrat National Committee ever rally voters?

I was thinking of the differences between parties this morning when I told a friend some large and bankrupt eastern cities haven’t had Republican mayors in a century.  You would believe it would be enough to convince voters to try an alternative but political allegiances are difficult to shake.  Because you loved your grandfather!  If Grandpa told you Republicans were enemies of working people, he was referencing 1955.  Despite a Republican President at the time with an impressive resume.  Dwight Eisenhower had defeated two totalitarian regimes during his lifetime and as President was standing up to another.  But your grandfather couldn’t possibly have been wrong! 

If Grandpa told you Republicans were enemies of working people, he was referencing 1955.

I think what we often miss is how politics is all about money.  More so in 2021 than ever before in American history.  You can’t get far in a campaign without gas in the car.  You also need to reach people who vote but never come to a rally.  You need to buy advertising in print, over the air and online.  Especially if your name isn’t yet a brand.

Successful candidates need to cultivate relationships with big money.  Big money isn’t necessarily corrupt but it’s my experience it asks for a business plan before advancing cash.  If the plan doesn’t have a return on investment, then you’re not getting any traction.

It’s often said we’ve got a two party system.  In truth, there are dozens of parties.  Only two attract any serious contributions.  Because all the rest can’t offer much beyond lip service.  Smaller parties can’t offer a return on investment.  So the money props up two aging political machines.

This isn’t an answer to our current gripes about politics.  Simply, I wanted to point out the two big parties have priorities and you may not be at the top of the list.  Grandpa’s era is long gone.

When my daughter was 10, she asked me the difference between parties.  I told her Democrats believed they could better manage your money.  When I explained Republicans would let you keep what you have and allow you to make your own spending decisions, she declared her fondness for the GOP.

Almost 20 years later and both parties solve their temporary whims by firing up the printing press.


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