Many of you have stayed at an Airbnb during your travels at least once. As it turns out, Idaho properties are accounting for a good amount of guests and revenue in a year's time.

According to numbers published at, more than 300,000 people utilized Idaho rental spaces through the hospitality company, at a profit of roughly $37 million for hosts. It is estimated that 4,400 property owners in the Gem State use Airbnb to accommodate people seeking a temporary place to call home.

I personally have never used the service. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I can't envision myself truly relaxing in a total stranger's home. Just the thought of watching someone's television, using a foreign toilet, or walking around barefoot on unfamiliar carpet, all sort of freak me out.

I certainly however don't fault those who opt to live in this style while traveling as a means to save money. People are making a killing doing it.

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