Sad update: Some of our favorites on the list are no longer rentals. But, you can still see what they look like and why we love them below.

Idaho really is one of the coolest states you can live in. We have the big city of Boise if you need your fix of vehicle traffic and we also have all the outdoor space you could want if you need to be away from city life.

The Best Idaho Getaway Locations

One of my favorite getaway locations is the Pine and Featherville area near Anderson Ranch Reservoir. Idaho is also home to some of the most unique rentals I've ever heard of. You can rent a room in a giant potato, a giant flower pot, and even a tree house lookout above the forest in the mountains. I can only begin to cover the numerous places you can stay in this story. There is no way to hit all of them but I can give you a list of my favorites so far.

8 More Of Idaho’s Most Unique Rentals

Idaho really is one of the coolest states you can live in...and it can be even cooler if you're looking for a place to stay during a vacation.

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The newest addition to the list is the Burley Flower Pot on Airbnb. It has space for up to 4 guests and was built specifically as an Airbnb rental.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is a quaint room made from the original traveling Idaho Tourism potato used in the Idaho Potato Commission's US tour. The cost is usually $250 per night through Airbnb.

The 36th Street Urban Yurt in Boise is a nice getaway from the city without actually leaving the city. Idaho has many yurt options like the urban yurt. The cost per night is $65 on Airbnb.

Crystal Peak Lookout is a really cool rental that I would never be able to sleep in. I'm afraid of heights and this tree house is above the forest. If you can handle the elevation you can rent it for $200 per night.

Snow Springs Poolhouse Cabin has its very own geothermally heated pool and five bedrooms so you can fit your whole family. Rentals start at $360 per night.

The Dog Bark Park Inn is easily one of the most unique buildings you'll find in Idaho. The building is actually shaped like a dog after all. Rent for the dog house was $132 per night, but the Inn is no longer open.

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The Idaho Castle in Hope is my favorite-looking rental. It is a castle and it is awesome. The castle sleeps 16 people and used to rent for $400 a night on Airbnb...but the castle is no longer listed as a rental and may be someone's permanent residence now.

The Luxurious McCall Cabin is another big rental option for families with loads of amenities and outdoor adventure opportunities. The cabin sleeps 19 and rent per night is $275.

The Gooding University Inn and Resort is the rental I think would be the best to have for a large family reunion. You can rent out the entire west wing of the building and get enough sleeping room for about 60 people. It also includes a ballroom for family parties, a game room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a theater room. The only downside is the possibility of it being haunted since it was previously a college and a tuberculosis hospital. Rental starts at $500 per night for the whole East Wing in the summer if you rent the West Wing at $800 per night.

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