An old friend says the Second Amendment must go.  I saw a post on his Facebook page, which he obviously put up within a couple of hours of the mass shooting at a Texas school.  Emotions were running high.  President Biden blamed the gun lobby for gun violence. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to fast-track the expanded background check bill.  We already have background checks on nearly all firearms purchases.  The so-called ghost guns, which are used in only a few crimes, won’t go away with a new law.  The weapons exist precisely because criminals are attempting to evade the law.

Americans Own a Lot of Guns

There are an estimated 400,000 firearms in private hands in America.  That dwarfs all the firearms in the hands of law enforcement and the military.  The figure is at least a decade old.  It could be half a million.  Maybe more.

Professor Jonathan Turley says the gun lobby isn’t in the way.  The Second Amendment blocks gun grabbers.  You would need 38 states on board to eliminate your God-given gun rights.  The founders believed self-defense was a right granted by the Almighty.  Not by the government.

Idahoans Have a Lot of Guns

Idaho may have more guns in private hands per capita than any other state.  It wouldn’t vote to remove your right to bear arms.  Liberals may be two beers short of a six-pack, but they must know they can’t rustle up the needed 38 states.

This is a fool’s errand.  The Democrats will make a lot of noise over the next couple of weeks and raise a lot of money on the issue, but nothing will change.  Gun sales will also rise and the gun lobby’s coffers will also grow.

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