Anything's Pawsable is a tracking and trapping service to try to find and help lost pets get back to their families. They shared that too often they come across dogs that have been shot.

According to their Facebook post sharing the information, in Jerome County a young dog appeared to have two bullet holes in it's head and left in a black garbage bag on the side of the road. Obviously they do not know the full story behind the incident, but they do know there was no collar and they said it was obvious the dog was standing at the foot of the person when it was shot.

They stated that as they search for lost dogs they come across dogs that have died from bullet wounds or are still fighting for their lives after they have been shot. Again, they do not know the full situation so the dog could have potentially been aggressive towards humans or livestock. I am not condoning shooting a dog for those reasons, but it does happen.

What Anything's Pawsable did say is that people should never let their dogs roam freely in the city or the country. It can be incredibly dangerous for the dog and you just never know what is going to happen if you don't have your animal on your property. Keep your fur babies safe.

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