It's one of the filthiest habits people have. There are still a large number of human beings that take full advantage of the opportunity to eat their boogers, but science may now be backing those who munch mucus.

This is gross...I know. Sampling one's own nose nuggets is a habit that people usually outgrow. I say usually because there are still a lot of adults who not only perpetually pick their schnoz but swallow the evidence as well.

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It's impossible to avoid clearing one's nose of blockage. I do it, and so do you. Consuming the byproducts is a different story. That's a personal choice, unless a person suffers from some sort of booger-eating disorder that I'm totally unfamiliar with.

We all know someone who constantly picks their nose. It's called Rhinotillexis, and usually results in a bloody nose due to the repetition of the habit. When a person takes nose-picking to the next level, it can be shocking to witness. Is this person actually harming themself in the process? Science says on the contrary.

There's actually science-backed data that claims the habit can protect a person's teeth and result in better check-ups at the dentist, according to  Apparently, mucus coats the teeth and protects them from sugars and other harmful substances that cause cavities. So, a regiment of booger-eating, flossing, and brushing might be the coup de grace to tooth decay.

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