It’s David versus Goliath.  Dean Dimond owns a farm in Jerome County.  He made the biblical analogy one morning when he was on my radio show.  He was talking about the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project.  The local folks are fighting against this monstrosity on small donations offered by good-hearted and hard-working people in the Magic Valley.  They’re up against two behemoths.  One is the company that drools over despoiling our land.  The other is the leviathan known as the environmental lobby.

When I was reading my last issue of Range, there was a story about the amount of money collected by the tree-hugging movement.  It averages 38 million dollars a day!

A few hours ago, I read a story at Substack that offers even more evidence.  There are non-governmental organizations, known as NGOs, which are funding efforts to eliminate traditional fuel supplies.   Many of these don’t have the future of Mother Earth as a top priority.  These are fronts for the companies looking for government subsidies and they’ve got more money than the companies that produce what are labeled “fossil fuels”.

Stand back for a moment and realize we’re in the battle for our traditional way of life.  Either the people are sovereign or the United States of America is nothing more than a crony-capitalist kleptocratic regime.  Increasingly, it has been becoming the latter as big money maneuvers laws, regulations, and the deep state for its benefit.

To make a film analogy, it’s Luke Skywalker versus the Death Star.  In many ways, the local battle is the last stand for liberty and equality.  Keep that in mind when you’re tired and worried you need some rest.  Because right now, there’s no time for a pause.

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