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I’m telling you, the Lava Ridge Wind Project will not happen.  The same with Salmon Falls and Taurus, two additional projects proposed for southern Idaho.  The Bureau of Land Management may approve Lava Ridge, but then the lawsuits will follow.  There are going to be prolonged environmental challenges and a shortage of parts.  A writer at CNET says simple deep-state bureaucracy will get in the way.

By the time the dust clears, we’ll be well past 2030.  A Republican President will likely come along and scrap these projects, just as Biden shelved the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Past 2030, we’ll also have learned that small modular nuclear reactors are the bridge to our energy future.

U.S. Senator Jim Risch mentioned three test units will soon be going online.  He shared the details with the Interior Secretary during a hearing on Capitol Hill.  You can watch the exchange by clicking here.

Idaho is at the center of the modular revolution.  The state is home to the planet's premier nuclear research facility in Idaho National Laboratory.  This also means jobs!

I fully expect that if the BLM approves the wind farms, there will be civil disobedience.  Demonstrators will make headlines, but in the long run, the projects will fade away on their own.  In the meantime, county governments are likely to pass ordinances restricting weight loads on roads.  Limits on noise will follow.  You see, for any construction crew, you’ll find constant hurdles.  The time will come when the developers will do a cost-benefit analysis and then checkout.

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