I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like a visit to Costco.  The hot dogs are a loss leader.

some people like Costco but not in their own communities

The size of baseball bats and considered healthy (the dogs are made with high end ingredients and not laced with chemical additives).  Within a few weeks of membership renewal I’ve already paid the cost in savings.  It’s a social event as well.  I always see people I know when I’m shopping.

A story in the Idaho Statesman explains some people like Costco but not in their own communities.  A woman is quoted because she fears traffic issues and strangers in her neighborhood.  She does like going to Costco in Nampa.  So it’s O.K. for her to come to your neighborhood as a stranger and to add to any traffic congestion where you live.  In other words, she’s special and anyone in her hometown who’d like to save the drive to Nampa is S.O.L.

A guy like me wonders what the fuss is about.  I live a couple of blocks from a Costco, don’t notice any serious traffic issues and think it’s great the club is so close to home.  But then I’m not a snob.

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