Idaho has never been a secret, but its fame as a year-round getaway is growing.  I came across a piece from the Atlantic, one of America’s oldest periodicals.  A photographer has created a stunning picture album of some of the most breathtaking sights in the state.

Some Places in Idaho Remain Pristine

I remember watching a documentary about the state filmed from the air.  One of the narrators said he believed there are places in the state where no human being has ever set foot.  We’re talking a period of thousands of years!

Times are changing.  The City of Rocks gets 300,000 visitors a year.  Mostly in warmer months.  Neighboring national parks are in some cases asking visitors to make reservations.  I post stories like these and I hear from people who tell me not to spread the good news about Idaho.  Some news for you, all of these magazines and tourist websites, they’ve got a far greater reach than I do.  People are coming for a visit.  The default position is how do we maximize profits from tourists?

It's a Variety

I think the real true attraction of Idaho is the diversity of topography.  A friend once called it four states in one.  High desert, mountains, forested hills in the north and the Palouse.

Visitors can see so much in one week and still not see it all.  Oh, and even though people are moving here in droves, the larger share of tourists will look the place over and then go home.  And if they're from New York, let's hope they never come again!

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