Something on the order of eight people have filed to campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor in Idaho.  Only three of those have the resources to make a serious effort.  Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, businessman Ed Humphreys and political activist Ammon Bundy.  Governor Brad Little will make it four when he makes it official he’s running for reelection.

Bundy made his official announcement last Saturday.  Humphreys appeared on 96.1 FM and Newsradio 1310 KLIX on Wednesday.  We spoke about Bundy’s recent entry and then broke down some thoughts Humphreys has about the property tax crisis and the skyrocketing prices for homes and rents.

Humphreys has been making the rounds of Lincoln Day events across the state.

A leading Republican listening to our discussion wrote me later and commented Humphreys comes across as sincere and should have a great appeal with younger voters.  The candidate is in the same demographic.  Here’s a link to his website.

Humphreys was a school dropout and eventually earned not only a GED but a college degree.  He’s now a financial planner.  Many of his clients are struggling mightily with property tax increases.

On a related note, earlier this week I spoke with a retiree who saw his assessment spike by 100,000 dollars in his latest tax notice.  It may become the biggest issue before the 2022 GOP Primary.  You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the YouTube video below.

We’ll be hearing from the other candidates in the coming weeks and months.

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