Idaho and Utah have a unique love and knowledge of fry sauce. This is why I'm surprised and incredulous about the results of a study that says fry sauce isn't our favorite condiment.

What Makes Fry Sauce So Great

Maybe because it is beyond just a regular condiment? It's multiple condiments, combined into one delicious dipping concoction. Following that logic, and only under that reasoning, I'll accept that fry sauce is not the favorite condiment in Idaho.

So, what is the top condiment in Idaho? Thrillist has the results of a study of user input and Ranch was the winner in Idaho and Utah, oddly the 2 states known for fry sauce. The world is a weird place when things like this happen. Do you love fry sauce and do you think it should be the top pick for the best condiment?

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There are definite flaws in the study done by Thrillist, which also explains why fry sauce didn't win in Idaho. Looking at the results of their study, it seems like you could choose anything in your fridge or pantry as a condiment.  The winner in Colorado was coconut oil and Kansas got Country Crock butter. Those aren't condiments. Then other states had peanut butter and garlic salt. Again, not condiments.

Easy Way To Make Fry Sauce

If you don't know how to make fry sauce here's a video with very easy-to-follow instructions.

If you do agree that fry sauce is the best condiment ever, the next question is: where do you get the best fry sauce? Do you make your own, buy it at a store, or load up on it when you go to a specific restaurant?

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