There is a new list out of the worst winter states - which is basically a list of states with snow and without snow. Of course, Idaho is considered a snowy state, though you wouldn't know it by looking outside right now. But that could be added to the reasons Idaho is among the worst winter states. I mean, give us some snow Mother Nature!

Thrillist has ranked all the states and put Idaho at eighth place in the most miserable winter states list. Their logic is actually pretty solid too. They say our winters suck because we are close to Canada and because rich people (like the Kardashians) come to Sun Valley to ski. That works for me, even though I like it here in the winter. But the fact that we haven't had much snow this year really does add to the miserable because now it is just cold and not fun.

Beware of ice or snow, road sign. 3D rendering
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Also, just so you know, Thrillist wasn't biased against snow, they put Colorado near the bottom of the list because there is snow and they have fun in they are all high.

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