It is no secret that I really don't like vegetables. I order my burgers naked and my pizzas only vegetable content should be the sauce. Last time I ate a salad was at least 20 years ago and I'll only eat carrots if there is a bounty of ranch. So, I'm not the best judge of what a good vegetable would be - but I do know that broccoli has to be one of the worst just judging by the smell. Also on the bad list (again based on smell) would have to be asparagus. That stuff smells so bad!

Credit PRNewswire Favorite Vegetables

Apparently, I am a terrible judge of vegetables though because broccoli was ranked as the favorite vegetable in Idaho. Not potatoes like you would expect. We are pretty fickle though in what we like since last year the favorite vegetable in Idaho was peas. In the map above it looks like a horror movie and the broccoli is slowly taking over the country.

Am I wrong and broccoli is really your favorite vegetable or did the study get it wrong?

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