For most parents, this is not a recall to really be concerned about. However, if you have a child with food allergies, there is a serious problem with a product that has just been recalled by Gerber.

The FDA issued this notice recently. According to them, this is a voluntary recall by Gerber due to a food labeling problem. The product contains eggs, but the label does not reflect that.

CLARIFICATION: Egg IS listed under the ingredients part of the label. But, in the recalled items is not in the "Contains" part of the label. Gerber is correcting that.

This is a very minor issue, unless your child has an allergy to eggs and you normally watch out for that ingredient at the bottom.

If you find that you are affected by this issue, Gerber has a hotline you can call 24/7. It's 1-800-510-7494.

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