I could get a little bent that no pizza places in the Magic Valley were included in this list. But, I'm trying to be a more positive person, so I'll just focus on the fact that a tiny pizza joint in Stanley just got named for having some of the greatest pizza in Idaho.

Way to go, Papa Brunee's. According to Only In Your State, you have mandatory pizza pie.

It's not just any pizza, but specifically Papa Brunee's was called out for their classic pepperoni.

No offense to the bonehead pizza places in Boise, Nampa and all the other usual suspects, but Papa Brunee's looks like a wild west saloon. That has to count for something.

Feel free to check out the complete top 7 Only In Your State Idaho pizza ranking, but as for me, my family will definitely be looking for an excuse to go to Stanley for some pepperoni loving.

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