This is not new, but it's new to me. I just learned that it's possible to rent llamas to go camping.

Renting llamas in Idaho isn't just a novelty, but could be considered a very good idea. Do you know how much weight a llama can pack? Anywhere from 80 to 100 pounds according to the Buckhorn Llama Company website. They also note that llamas only eat a small percentage of what a horse or mule would consume. Nice.

One site I found that offers this vital llama service is Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. They are based out of Idaho Falls. Why am I envisioning a llama riding in our radio station vehicle back to Twin from Idaho Falls? That would freak out some people on I-84.

The one reason I haven't envisioned llamas as great camping companions is the spitting.

If you can get past that, maybe a llama is what you need for your next hunt. Imagine the stories you'll have to tell.

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