Let's talk roller coasters. The buzz around Twin Falls is the new coaster at Lagoon, "Cannibal". Lagoon has been working on the new coaster for 7 years. It started with a team of engineers, and it ended with a long line of thrill seekers waiting to ride the new coaster.

Some magic valley residences have told us the ride is extremely scary. One teenager actually wore skin off of his hands from holding on so tightly. Other residences have told us the coaster isn't scary.

The video of the coaster, along with the details, is enough to make me scared. It actually lifts you 208 feet into the air and then plunges you into a 116 degree vertical free fall into an underground tunnel. There's also a 140 foot tall inverted loop, and you will experience all of that at speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

If you have been on the roller coaster tell us what you think. Is it scary?

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