Although our Bulldog passed away late in 2021, for nearly 13 years we had to say a prayer on our way to the groomer or veterinary appointment. Looking back on the experiences, burning sage during the car ride might have been worth a try.

I thought I'd pay homage to Twin Falls dogs that are absolute train wrecks when it comes to checkups or trips to the groomer. Bulldogs aren't routinely aggressive or untrusting dogs, but man did ours break that mold. The fact Bulldogs have virtually no noses because they're so smooshed to their faces, muzzling her wasn't an option for us.

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Air-biting, growling, kicking, whimpering--you name it--Babs did it every visit. We had to stand at her head the entire time holding her shoulders just to keep her from going after someone. Hannibal Lecter had nothing on our dog.

There is something known as the "Veterinarian's Rule," which basically means those who work in the pet care field understand there's a risk of getting bit, but that doesn't mean we as dog owners shouldn't take proper precautions. In fact, you can create potential problems for yourself if you don't communicate your dog's aggressive tendencies to a vet or groomer.

It's estimated that over four million people get bit by dogs in the United States annually, according to, and many of these people getting maimed are groomers and vets. The best practice is to not blindside these professionals when it comes to our furry friends that can be a bit nasty around people they're not accustomed to.

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