There is a claim that the most romantic (or is it charismatic?) hotel in Idaho is in Pocatello. Romance in Pocatello? Who knew.

Only In Your State thinks love is in the air to our east. They named the Black Swan Inn as one of the go-to places when you need some extra love inspiration.

I've never seen a black swan, but would probably run down the street screaming if I did. But, that's another story.

Back to the hotel, I wouldn't think of romance when looking at the outside of the Black Swan. But, after seeing pics of the rooms, I get it. The themed rooms definitely are special. Any room with a drawbridge has got to be good.

My personal favorite is the wild west room. Any hotel room where you can pretend to be thrown out of a window by Clint Eastwood will definitely inspire loving.

The Black Swan has 2 Romeo and Juliet themed rooms. But, that love story didn't end well, did it?

If you need a weekend trip with your loving companion, check out the Black Swan website for your romance options.

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