The Twin Falls School District has found a new incentive program for their students at South Hills Middle School and it is absolutely genius. There is a new book vending machine at the school, and students can get free books through good behavior.

Twin Falls School Districts First Book Vending Machine

South Hills Middle School has a book vending machine. It is unclear at this point if more will be around Twin Falls schools. I imagine if this goes well, they will be everywhere. Students who show exemplary behavior can get tokens for the vending machine. So teachers are giving free books to students and I can't think of a better way to promote good behavior and reading. Tokens are also given out for good deeds and for birthdays. So there are lots of ways to gather up tokens.

Book Vending Machines Should Be Everywhere

Seriously, why was this not a thing when I was a kid? I mean, I was usually pretty good, which means I would have walked out of school with a full library! Books are a great way for kids to escape reality and have an adventure without leaving home.

In all seriousness, books can make a huge impact on a person's life. And this is a great way for students who may not have the most money to still be able to own books. I honestly wish there were book vending machines all over the place. Make it like a Red Box for Barnes and Noble. Or, you know, just go to the library. But still!

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