It can be daunting for a person with a compromised immune system to live as those without one. Concerns begin with what caused the immune deficiency in the first place. Cancer treatments, auto-immune drugs, and post-transplant rejection drugs are just a few things that cause trouble for the immune system on top of the diseases themselves.

Mask-wearing is a common necessity for many of these people. Every slight protection is vital. But even mask-wearing is not enough to prevent the spread of a new concern.

Deadly Fungus Looming Closer to Idaho

There is a deadly strain of fungus known as ‘Candida Auris’ spreading across the US.

Map Candida Auris 2022
Credit CDC

Since the publication of this map in 2022, the infection has now been confirmed in Washington State as well. Most people have an immune system that can purge the fungus with little trouble, but that is not the case for those with vulnerable immune systems.

‘Candida Auris’ is most troublesome because it is resistant to antifungals and has a high fatality rate if it finds its way into medical facilities. The death rate can reach up to 60% of immuno-compromised individuals. This fungus can be spread by people who show no signs of infection. Not only can it be transmitted by direct contact, but by an infected person touching a surface that other people touch afterward.

While this infection has not been seen in Idaho as of yet, it seems to be a matter of time. Since first being identified 15 years ago, infection rates have increased more than 1,200% since 2017. It can cause infections throughout the body including the bloodstream, in open wounds, and the ears.

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