Idaho Will Never See This Item as Just Trash Again

People buy rolls of masking tape reversed to get rid of it. Though completely clean, some people are grossed out about it. It can cause fires if not taken care of properly. Nobody has sung the praises of dryer lint until now.

Does Dryer Lint Cause Fires?


Proper lint maintenance is very important for home safety. It is the biggest cause of dryer fires. The lint should be cleaned from the lint trap after every dryer cycle is complete. Lint screens can be washed if there are spots on the screen that appear clogged. Removing the screen and vacuuming the housing area in the dryer is also important to be done regularly. There are attachments you can use specifically for cleaning dryers. Don’t neglect the vent and hose. Those should be cleaned about every 6-9 months.

But what do you do with all the lint? Most people throw it away, but there are alternatives.

Unique uses for Dryer Lint

As mentioned, dryer lint is a fire hazard. But those fire powers can be harnessed for good instead of evil. Lint can be made into firestarters for camping by filling egg crate segments and covering them with wax. Each section will burn for about 15 minutes.

Lint is great for absorbing spills. Consider how well your clothes keep hold of stains. Lint comes from clothes. It’ll soak up just about any oil or goopy mess that needs to get cleaned up.


Instead of buying packing peanuts that may be horrible for the environment, try dryer lint. It can be pressed into layers between newspaper and the entire package is safe, and depending on fabric softener scents, spring fresh.

Try lint for your plants. Lining a plant pot with lint can help retain water and help keep water from falling through the holes in the bottom of the container.


The next time you and the kids have a paper-mache project, try adding some lint for texture and stability. Try your hand at lint paper as well. After a soak in water and a spin through a blender, a press into lint paper could result in the most inventive Christmas letters to the family next year.

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