Cucumbers have been a part of a human being’s diet for thousands of years. Preferences on consumption can vary by the taste palate. Different countries, regions, and even states may have different styles of preparing and eating this special fruit.

Wait, Is Cucumber a Fruit?

There has been a long-standing argument for a tomato to be considered a vegetable, but it is a fruit. Now you can include cucumbers in that debate. If you class things botanically, you’ll have to put zucchini, melons, and even dandelion puffs in the category of fruit as well. Eating those dandelion puffs is a tough sell on the fruit-o-meter.

Cucumber Slices on Eyes
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Cucumbers can offer plenty of healthy benefits. They lower blood sugar, ease constipation, and help with weight loss. They do wonders for covering your eyes at the spa and scaring cats as well.

Turning Cucumbers Into Something Completely Different is Part of Human Ancient History

Evidence of pickling cucumbers as early as 2030 BC has been found in the Tigris Valley. This magical knowledge progressed into the Maghreb, Sicily, and Spain.

Pickles have become more than just a vinegar-soaked preserved cucumber. This modern-day staple has many flavors. How many different flavors should the polite pantry contain in order to properly supply guests with their preferred pickle?

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What Different Pickle Preferences Say About Your Personality

Dill Pickles - Vinegar, salt, and dill get you the most common pickle sold. These pickle lovers can be carefree most of the time, as long as you don’t bog them down in menial things like traffic or chores.

Gherkins - Dill pickles in a small package. People who prefer these pickles are bubbly and bright with underlying confidence.

Sweet Pickles - These are prepared like a dill, but a little sugar can make all the difference. Connoisseurs of this pickle are friendly and agreeable.

Bread and Butter Pickles - While prepared like a sweet pickle, bread and butter have a bit more flavor added. These people are nice but want to do something with their kindness. Volunteering at a charitable event my do wonders.

Sour Pickles - Beware! Salt, water, and time are the ingredients for sour pickles. Can you trust a pickle that doesn’t have vinegar? Sour pickle lovers are hard to please, and overthink. Sour lovers have been linked to anti-social behavior.

Spicy Pickles - Take a cucumber and make it sour and spicy. These people are risk-takers. Spicy pickle people go on adventures and welcome trying new foods.

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A gas station was selling pickles two-for-one. It was the dill of the day.

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