Some certain products and businesses are instantly recognizable. They are universally known, and a simple word, phrase, jingle, or logo can help a person know the product or business. From time to time the catchphrases, jingles, or logos will update or change, and some are accepted by the public, and others are rejected and not looked on fondly. One of the most recognized logos in the entire world has changed recently, and it has left many customers wondering why and how long this new logo will last.

McDonald's Changes Iconic Logo

Credit: Nate
Credit: Nate

Perhaps the most iconic logo in the entire world is that of McDonald's. Worldwide, if someone sees the giant golden arches, they know a McDonald's is nearby. There is a reason they have sold so many hamburgers and are the most successful fast food chain in the world. Last week, those arches got turned upside down, and instead of the notorious giant 'M,' there was a 'W' on cups, fries, and anything representing the fast food chain, that was being called WcDonald's. What is the reason for this change, and is it permanent, or temporary? 

Why Did McDonald's Flip Their Logo?

Last week, on February 26, McDonald's officially flipped their logo to go by the name WcDonald's but don't fret, this is only a temporary thing.  The latest promotional campaign included limited edition packaging, such as the cups and fries, and special sauce as well. One of the specials included WcNuggets with savory chili sauce. The reasons for the change link back to a fictional store that has been in TV shows, video games, and graphic novels. It first debuted back in 1981 in the graphic novel 'Cat's Eye' and later in a TV adaptation in 1983. 

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If you missed your chance to get WcDonald's products, make sure to run out to your nearest WcDoanld's today, to see if there are any left. If you still have some, make sure to hold on to it, because it could be worth some money someday.

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