When cities get to a certain size, just a quick walk to pick up groceries becomes impossible for some residents. After reaching a population of over 50,000, Twin Falls is now included in that designation. Transportation throughout the city is an ongoing issue to be addressed.

What Transit is Available in the Magic Valley Currently?

Ride TFT is a microtransit system now operating. While riders can schedule on-demand or schedule in advance, transport of individuals is restricted to certain times within Twin Falls City Limits. Anyone needing transportation outside of those parameters has to rely on other means.

Are There Plans for Expanded Transit in the Rest of the Magic Valley?

A planning group has been formed to work through transportation challenges faced by Twin Falls and surrounding cities. The Magic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization is tasked with transportation planning. They are looking for community feedback to better involve and inform the public in transportation planning.

How Can the Community Get Involved in Transportation in the Magic Valley?

Now is the chance many residents in the Magic Valley have been waiting for. Anyone who has feelings or concerns about transportation throughout the Magic Valley and ideas on how things can be done differently is welcome to participate. There is a Draft Public Participation Plan available and the public can send feedback through May 12th.

Comments are welcome at info@magicvalleympo.org or send snail mail to Magic Valley MPO at 203 Main Ave. E, Twin Falls, ID 83301. There is an opportunity to express comments verbally as well during the Board meeting held on the second Wednesday of every month in the Twin Falls City Hall Overflow Room.

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