Growing up, many enjoyed watching the sport boxing as it was a can't miss television. There were some incredible fighters back in the day. Today, the focus has shifted away from boxing, and more to mixed martial arts, better known as MMA. It is one of the fastest-growing sports, and based on pay-per-view buys and ticket sales at events, it is continuing to grow. With it being such a popular sport, it is surprising that schools have not introduced it as an athletic option yet. While MMA would be great to have as a sport in school, it should be introduced in Idaho schools, but for a much different reason.

MMA In Idaho Schools

Credit: Grand Junction
Credit: Grand Junction

Introducing MMA to schools would have parents worried about an increase in fighting and their children getting hurt if they participate, but if wrestling is allowed, why can't MMA become a school sport? Some kids are training outside of school and having a platform at school to show off their skills makes sense. For those that are interested in MMA, but can't afford training, schools would allow them to pursue an interest without breaking the bank. It gives kids an activity to keep them out of trouble and learn skills they can use going forward. While this is a strong argument to add it to schools, there is another reason for it to be added as well, in a different way. 

How to Have MMA in Idaho Schools

Credit: Vladislav Bychkov on Unsplash
Credit: Vladislav Bychkov on Unsplash

As much as some may want it, MMA as a sport in schools is unlikely to happen, with the amount that can go wrong, the cost, and parents being concerned about it. There is another argument to be made though that perhaps it should be used to solve school issues. Before you overreact, think back to your time in school. You would get into an argument or have an issue with another student, and tempers would flare. Eventually, it would often lead to a fight on the playground during recess or after school. After the fight, the issue was usually over, because one student knew the other was tougher than them, or you became friends after. Today, kids use social media to mentally and emotionally bully kids for days, weeks, and perhaps months. If a school catches wind of the issue, why not put the kids in a supervised fight, let them resolve it to get it out of their system, and then move on with life? 

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It is unlikely that any of this will ever be approved, but when you sit down and think about it, is it a bad idea? Violence is never the answer and shouldn't be encouraged, but in a supervised setting and special circumstances, it could help resolve some issues. What is worse, someone being bullied emotionally and mentally for who knows how long, or a 3-minute fight that could solve all the issues in no time? Let Idaho schools have MMA and the consequences might surprise you.

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