Who doesn't enjoy going out to a sit-down restaurant and enjoying a nice meal from time to time? While going through a drive-thru might be convenient or doing pick-up and eating at home might be more comfortable, there are times it is nice to go out, sit down, and enjoy a meal as a family or on a date. It has long been speculated after the meal when the check has been paid, that the consumer should leave a tip. The expectation has long been 10 to 15 percent, but based on service and funds, it can vary what is often tipped. While tipping is expected and should be left, many customers in the Magic Valley have decided to no longer tip or to undertip in certain circumstances.

Tipping in the Magic Valley

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

When somebody goes out and eats, a tip is expected to be left, and when one does pick-up, a tip is expected to be given to those who have prepared the meal, but why is it that the residents in the Magic Valley have been tipping less and less lately? After speaking to a few waiters and waitresses in the area, it has become common that many in the food industry are struggling to make money because tips aren't what they used to be. It is hard for these workers because their tips are how they make most of their money, but the lower the tips, or none at all, can be the difference between paying their bills or not. 

Why Nobody is Tipping in Twin Falls

Credit: SIphotography
Credit: SIphotography

What is the reason for residents no longer tipping? It could be a few things. The cost of eating out has gone up, yet many people do not make more money. They likely are paying what they think is fair, but can also afford. Another reason for the lack of tipping could be generational. The younger generation doesn't view tipping as a necessity like older generations do and do seem to be on the cheaper side. Another reason could be confusion when it comes to pick-up. Since customers aren't sitting at a table, and instead are driving to the restaurant, picking up their food, and going home, they might think they don't need to tip. While perhaps as big of a tip may not be expected, workers are still fixing your food and preparing it for you. The last reason for poor tipping falls on the workers, and that is that customer service isn't as good as it used to be. 

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Multiple excuses can be given, but not tipping at all is unacceptable in all cases. If customer service doesn't reach your desire, then a lesser tip is ok, but, make sure to leave a note to help the waiter or waitress know they need to improve. Tipping has been disappearing lately, and at the rate it is going, it could be gone entirely, unless something is done. Stop being cheap, reward good customer service, and help those who work hard in the food industry if you choose to go out and eat.

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