It is good that scientists continue to study and learn. It makes a difference in so many things in everyday life. But sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

What Items We Thought Were Good Are Actually Bad?

Products are tested rigorously before being released to the public. Materials undergo toxicity tests. Toys have to be rated for age for choking hazards. Safety is important, but it can be a buzz kill.

fruity cereal
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Cereal is delicious, but many nutritionists negate their contribution to a healthy breakfast. While unsugared minimally processed breakfast cereal might be healthier, those little fruity ‘o’s are much more tasty and are reasonably high in fiber, right?

kid on trampoline
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Trampolines are super fun. Backyard trampolines are part of many a person’s happiest childhood memories, but they are unsafe according to ER doctors. Sigh.

heavy backpack
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Backpacks are the best way to convey many small items from one place to another without dropping them. Then somebody decided they caused posture problems and now we have to drop stuff and pick it up.

What Item Are Scientists Going to Take Away From Us Next?

Now, we are going to have to live our lives with more acne. Scientists are going after one of the main ingredients in acne treatment products available in stores across the U.S. Evidently benzoyl peroxide can form benzene in certain circumstances.

In extreme cases, the FDA will allow up to 2 parts per million of benzene inside a drug product that the FDA regulates. However, the tests show that benzene inside the benzoyl peroxide products is more than 800 times that when stored at 122 degrees, and up to nine times that when the products are sitting on the shelf.

There were lawn darts, styrofoam, hairspray, tanning beds, and now acne treatment? What’s next to fall to the safety overlords?

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