A couple of weeks ago we finally solved the debate of who has the best pizza in Twin Falls, which you can find by clicking here. Now we want to solve another debate and find out who has the best ice cream in city limits. There are a few places that often get thrown around, but are they the best places? Most of us enjoy ice cream, but there are many different styles and flavors. When it comes to getting and eating ice cream in Twin Falls, who are you going to for the best scoop in town? Let's finally find out.

The Best Ice Cream in Twin Falls

Credit: Purestock
Credit: Purestock

Choosing the best ice cream takes a lot of test tasting, and it also comes down to your preference. Do you prefer true ice cream, soft served, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, or more solid, stretchy, or runny ice cream? Do you eat it in a cone or a cup? These all come down to personal preference, and then you get down to what kind of flavors you enjoy. You may like one place overall, but perhaps a different place has the best version of your favorite ice cream. Do you like nuts or fruits in your ice cream or nothing at all? Do you eat your ice cream plain, or prefer a certain place because they offer a type of sundae or topping? It isn't a simple, 'I like this place because,' there is more that goes into it, and you will likely get a few ice cream headaches in the research process. Now that we have analyzed what it takes to cast a vote, who has the best ice cream? 

Who Has the Best Ice Cream in Twin Falls?

Who knows the best ice cream in Twin Falls better than the residents of the town? The power is in your hands now. Come back daily and vote each day, once per day for who you think has the best ice cream in town. The poll will be open until Wednesday, August 23 at 11.59 PM. On Thursday, August 24, we will finally answer the question of who has the best ice cream in Twin. You have time to get out there and try a few different places over the two weeks, so do your research, and perhaps your vote will change throughout the process. 

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Make sure to check back daily and cast your vote. You might start voting for one and change your vote as you try more places. I know it will be tough work and a hard decision, but eat as much as you can and let's get to the bottom of the debate. Who has the best ice cream in Twin Falls?

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