Now that the Christmas holiday is roughly a month away, there's a need to warn those with holiday spirit about a disturbing trend involving wild animals attacking adorable, inflatable decorations. Numerous videos have surfaced in the past couple of years showing the horror playing out on the front lawns across America.

Obviously, I'm laying the false urgency to protect our oversized, electrically-powered holiday lawn decorations on a bit thick. This is the time of year when Americans are pulling their most proud, expensive holiday decor out of basements, attics, and totes to send their neighborhoods a message of Yuletide arrogance.

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We have several totes full of Christmas decorations. From a six-foot, inflatable Frosty to the entire Peanuts crew illuminated on plastic ice skates, we've dropped some serious cash on these types of items, and they need to be protected.

Some may recall a hilarious video from a few months back showing a couple of massive bears mistaking a 12-foot, inflatable reindeer for lunch. One of the bears repeatedly attempts to maul the plastic buck, which ultimately results in about $200 down the toilet for its California owner.

The footage from last December isn't the first time one of these attacks has been filmed by an onlooker. A deer proceeded to do major damage to a Frosty blow-up in a minute-long clip that made the rounds in 2020. Animals are sending some sort of message to us. It's either that, or much like humans, some of these wild creatures aren't the sharpest in the animal kingdom.

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