Being a musician is a labor of love. It may not matter how good a musician is, how long they play, what instrument they play, the equipment they play on, or whom they play for. A musician plays because they love to. They may hope for recognition, fame, or fortune. The music will always call to them.

When a musician gets together with others and all decide to form a band, the result can be a wonderful amalgamation of sound between artists, or a complete cacophony that never resolves into tolerable sound. In all hopes, the latter will implode and not inflict itself upon an unsuspecting public.

The Strangest Band Names From Idaho Musicians

Of the good bands from Idaho that catch the ear, there are a few with noticeable names that catch the eye. Would they be the same with a different name?

  • Built to Spill is an Indie rock band with several albums. Their name begs the question, spill what?
  • Treepeople is an alternative rock band from Boise. Are they nymphs? Squirrels in disguise?
  • Caustic Resin is a band supplying Indie rock to Idaho. So like corrosive epoxy?
  • Nurses originated in Idaho before moving to Portland, Oregon. Will hearing them grant health?
  • Septic Death played hardcore punk. I suppose septic vs. clean death is the issue?
  • Sun Blood Stories sports funky psychedelia laced with blues. Not sure what the story says, but listen and see.

Would an Idaho Band by a Different Name Sound Just as Sweet?

I’m not in a band, but I wanna be. At least I wanna name one. Maybe some of the band's success is dependent on the name. Would The Beatles have been as popular if they had been The Mantises? Can we try Vestigial Finger or perhaps Aesthetic Velcro? Makes you think.

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