What would you do? What would you do if you found yourself stuck in the snow this winter in your car? The temperatures will be cold, the snow will build up, and if you are unable to move, there are some decisions to be made. Do you call someone to help? Do you start digging or shoveling? Do you keep trying by going back and forth or spinning the wheels, or do you accept your fate? Do you leave the car on or turn it off? Do you take a nap and wait until spring to finally move the car? This is a fate that some of us will face this winter, but when it does happen what would you do?

Car Stuck in Snow in Idaho


As the winter weather makes its way to Idaho, some cars will inevitably get stuck in the snow later in the season. Perhaps it already happened to you over Thanksgiving weekend, as snow made its way through the Magic Valley. When this happens, it is never a fun experience, and depending on how experienced you are with snow, might determine how you react. You could take the easy way out and call AAA or someone you know with a truck to come help you, but this involves waiting in the cold temperatures in your car. You could get out and try to shovel your way out, but there is no guarantee this will work, as you could get stuck in a different location, and it is also time-consuming. You could continue to let your tires spin, making it tougher to get out, as you bury your car deeper and deeper. These are only a few solutions, but which one is the right one? 

What to Do if Stuck in the Snow

Credit: grebcha
Credit: grebcha

One of the worst fears in Idaho winter is realizing and accepting defeat when your car can't try anymore to get out of the snow. This can be from the depth, from sliding off the road, or perhaps from trying to go up an incline. Having to wait in the cold is not a fun adventure for anyone. There are pros and cons to every path you choose, but which is the best? Leaving your car does not seem ideal, as it involves walking in the cold or waiting for a ride. The best option is to likely call for a tow truck or AAA if you have it, and wait with the heater on inside, or under a blanket if you have one, to save gas. You can try and shovel your way out, but this only works for certain circumstances and if you have a shovel in the car. The best solution is to stay home so you aren't in a situation to get stuck, but that isn't possible for everyone. 

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The snow has made its presence known, and more will soon be on the way. As it comes in and the snow gets deeper, there is a likely chance cars will be getting stuck in their driveways, in parking lots, or on the road. If you happen to be one of the cars that gets stuck this winter in the snow or ice, what would you do?

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