What would you do? What would you do if you were able to build the perfect hamburger combo in Twin Falls? You can pick your burger from any of the quick food locations in the area, then select your fries or one side from another or the same location, and finally round it out with a beverage of some sort, either a shake, a soda, or whatever your preference is. There are countless combos you can make to create the perfect meal, but if choosing and willing to drive around town, what would you do and what would you choose?

Creating The Perfect Burger Meal in Twin Falls

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If you could create your perfect burger meal, what would it look like? You pick your favorite burger in town, pair it with your favorite fries or side, and then wash it down with your favorite beverage or shake. To narrow it down, we will focus more on quick food places around town. You may go to three different places to create your meal, you may go to two, or maybe someplace you visit already has the perfect combo for you. There are many choices to make, and how do you choose? You may enjoy fries from different places, and it could depend on your mood, or perhaps when it comes to burgers it depends on if you are craving grilled or charbroiled. Do you want a soda, a shake, or a special drink from somewhere to pair with your food? There is a lot to consider, but what would you do? 

What Is The Perfect Burger Meal in Twin Falls?

Depot Grill
Depot Grill

For each person, it will be different, but start simple and pick your favorite burger. There are many good burgers to choose from, but sticking to quick food places eliminates the local sit-down restaurants. I would likely go with Five Guys, which is one of my favorite burgers, but I could be convinced otherwise as well. When it comes to fries or sides, this is where it is more difficult. Do you choose curly or regular fries, or do you go with a different side? For me, I'd likely go with the old-fashioned fries from McDonald's, as they are usually gone before I get out of the drive-thru, indicating how good they are. When it comes to beverages, I have narrowed it down to two options. For a shake, Culvers is where I would likely go, but if I want a drink, I would go to Sonic and get a cherry limeade. These are my choices now, but tomorrow my answer could be entirely different. 

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Creating the perfect burger meal in Twin Falls is doable, but it might require some driving, some waiting in lines, and a little money. Is it worth the effort? You don't know until you try it. If you were to create your perfect burger combo in Twin Falls, what would you do?

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