Looking for a job can be a long stressful process, and multiple layers go into finding the right job for you. If you have kids, you may need to be off at a certain time or find childcare. If you have a part-time job but need extra money for several reasons, it may limit your availability. As much as many of us apply for a job we want and assume an interview is a guarantee, the place you apply also has to want you back, and that often isn't the case. There have been a few people in the area looking for jobs, and you are best to avoid their strategy if you are hoping to get hired somewhere.

How Not to Apply for a Job in Twin Falls

Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Over the last few weeks, I have seen a few people posting on local chats and rants and raves pages looking for jobs, and their approach is one you want to avoid. Putting an ad on a local Facebook page isn't a terrible idea, but the odds of finding a job are low this way. While it doesn't hurt to try this route, make sure to be smart in what you post. When putting in the desired salary, you are limiting yourself from the get-go. Putting limited scheduling, while it is nice to be honest, makes you lower on the candidate list, when others may have a more open schedule. Most importantly, do no admit you will fail a drug test, as not many places will hire you, knowing you are breaking the law and unable to pass a mandatory drug test if their company requires it.

How to Properly Apply for a Job in Twin Falls

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Instead of posting on Facebook, it is best to use Indeed.comLinkedin.com, or perhaps have a job in mind and go to their direct site. Do not, under any circumstance, mention the possibility of failing a drug test or using any drugs, especially illegal ones. It is best to make it sound like you are available at all times, even if you aren't. Make yourself sound as available as possible, and sell yourself as the best candidate possible. Unless a possible employer asks a certain question, don't reveal any information that may cost you the job. It is ok to ask about pay, but make sure to get through most of the interview first, and don't have it be your first question. It is important to know you need them, they don't need you. 

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While this may seem like common sense to many, there are too many residents in the Magic Valley ruining their chances at potential jobs before they ever get an interview or a foot in the door. Don't limit yourself in your job searches, and be open to as many shifts as you can manage, as well as accept maybe a few dollars less than desired, since not every business can offer what you hope for. Good luck in your job hunts, and hopefully you can find something you are looking for soon. 

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