TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A young man is now facing a first degree murder charge after a baby died from allegedly being shaken in late November at a Twin Falls shelter. According to court documents, 18-year-old Danial Penner's charges were amended to murder I after originally being charged with felony aggravated-battery. Twin Falls Police responded to a shelter on Addison Ave on November 25, for a baby that was not breathing and was bleeding from his nose. The boy was transported to St. Luke's Twin Falls then transferred to Boise. Police allege Penner was watching the baby and another child while the mother was in another building doing laundry. Penner allegedly hadn't told investigators the whole story until a doctor informed police the child had suffered trauma to the head that included bleeding in the brain and fracture to the skull. In the original affidavit, police said Penner became upset and frustrated when the child began screaming and had shaken the boy and hit his head on a crib. Penner thought the child had calmed down when the boy stopped crying and he gave him a bottle. Penner was due in court December 9, for a preliminary hearing in front of Judge Calvin Campbell.

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