A guy at work was shocked to pay six bucks for a milkshake.  He did a double take and told the woman behind the counter he had only ordered one.  “Six dollars,” she repeated.  For all of the people telling you things are great for working Americans, this is why they disagree.  It wasn’t all that long ago that I remember buying an entire combo meal for that price.

I underwent a lifestyle change six months ago.  It changed my daily diet.  The burgers and fries that were on my menu once a week are rare now.  While I’m allowed to sometimes have a treat, I haven’t had the need, but I still can read the stories about the all-American meal.  What we call fast food was plentiful and cheap, if not always healthy.

On a long drive, I could stop and grab a burger at a familiar restaurant and know exactly what I was getting.

I came across a story this week (check out this link) and the writer pointed out that fast food was an indication of how well we lived.  I also remember being at a TV and radio convention 25 years ago, where I attended a meeting of NBC affiliates and we listened to a presentation from the Poynter Institute.  The organization was used to police media standards and practices.  Al Thompkins did the presentation.  He explained that no country with a free press had ever had a famine.

Many in news media long ago gave up the standards and now seek government help to survive.  There’s no freedom with independence.  And the cost of food keeps climbing despite an abundance of domestically produced crops and animals.

Remember the story of the 20-dollar Happy Meal?  That was last year right here in Idaho, where the number one industry is agriculture.  By the way, farmers, ranchers, and growers aren’t seeing a benefit.

Something is going wrong.

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