It is a sad truth that people commit suicide in Twin Falls. Suicide happens all around the state and the world, but you don’t often hear about them or any details in the media - if you even hear anything. It isn’t that we don’t care. We do care, and that’s actually why we don’t report on attempted or successful suicides.

The 2 Real Reasons Media Doesn't Report on Suicides

This article won't fill everyone's desire for an explanation, but the simple answer for why we don’t report on specific suicides is that it isn’t our place to share personal information about a person who was at the lowest possible point in their life, just to appease the curiosity of strangers in the community. Your curiosity does not merit the revelation of a person's inner trials. We don’t know everything that was going on in their mind and life to be able to respectfully, fully, and fairly report on why they thought death was their only option.

Those who feel that suicide is their only option are encouraged to seek help immediately. Contact the Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline at 988 or call the Mental Health Services number at 208-736-2177. Crosspointe Family Services in Twin Falls is also offering free walk-in mental health clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

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Another sad reason you won’t see media groups reporting on suicides is due to the fact that many with suicidal thoughts or ideation will attempt or succeed in taking their life if they believe it will get them a moment of attention. That sounds harsh, but wanting to be seen or heard is a feeling held by many who are in despair.

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As responsible media groups, we can’t do anything that would encourage someone to take their own life.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Some people have blamed local media groups and city representatives for the number of suicides at the Perrine Bridge. They say that if we reported on the deaths or if the city did something about the bridge to make it safer the number of deaths would decrease. Studies show that reporting on the who and how of suicides increases the number of attempts in the same way. Sadly, even if the Perrine Bridge were less accessible to someone determined to end their life, they would find a way. There is a much larger mental health issue involved in suicide than just having access to a means.

We truly wish we could report on the lives lost and have that make a permanent difference, but we can’t. What we can all do is be kind. Check on your friends and family, your neighbors and co-workers, and make sure they are OK. If you truly care, those acts of kindness will do much more than asking for the details of what happened with the latest death at the Perrine Bridge.

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