It's not uncommon for animals to be used by drug dealers in the trafficking process. A bird was captured in a prison courtyard this week a few hundred miles northwest of the Idaho/Canadian border in British Columbia.

The Eastport-Kingsgate Border Crossing connects British Columbia with northern Idaho. British Columbia is a massive Canadian province and expands to more than 360,000 square miles. Vancouver, a major city in BC, is about a ten-hour drive west of the Idaho border.

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Canadian authorities are trying to get to the bottom of how a pigeon wearing a small backpack full of methamphetamine found its way into a prison yard recently. The story broke a few days ago from multiple news sources including It reportedly took prison staffers some time to corner and corral the feathered felon.

This isn't the first time a pigeon has become a target of authorities in a drug-smuggling case. In 2017, a pigeon carrying more than 170 ecstasy pills was captured. The bird was then probed by customs officials in the Middle East, according to LiveScience details. Birds are ideal drug carriers for obvious reasons.

No details have been released by Canadian authorities regarding any arrests in the matter. Pigeons are actually quite good at flying and can cover more than 600 miles in a day, according to online sources. So, there's a chance the bird's odyssey could have begun in the United States.

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