Sometimes it seems like the internet is full of anger, comment section trolls, and too much information shared. Especially on social media, because that's where you see people at their highest high and lowest low. I'm surprised pretty much every day what some of my friends are willing to share with the world on their profiles. We used to hide our secrets in a journal or diary and if someone read our thoughts it would destroy our lives. Not anymore.

Amid all the TMI, there are some gems you'll find if you look hard enough (or keep scrolling long enough) through social media posts. In fact, there are some surprisingly brilliant people out there posting jokes and stories. I recently came across the hashtag IdahoJokes on Twitter, and true to form I had to sift through some garbage to find eight really good Idaho related jokes. Be warned some of these are not family friendly so I'll put them at the end of the list so you don't accidentally run across them if you have sensitive eyes around you.

The following joke has the questionable content, but it is also kind of brilliant, so proceed at your own risk.

I'm a fan of bad jokes, I am a dad after all and it's part of my job.

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I'd like to thank those who post funny stuff online so I have meaning in my life. You are among the real heroes.

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