Carol Cesario, a lifelong Bon Jovi fan battling stage-four lung cancer, was probably thrilled just to visit the singer's New Jersey restaurant. But then Jon Bon Jovi himself showed up to wish her well, and everything changed.

Cesario was sitting with her back to the door when Bon Jovi walked in. "Oh my God," she yelled out, when she finally noticed him. Watch the video above to see what happened. The meeting came after Cesario's daughter, Rosie Skripkunis, set up a social-media campaign to connect her mother with Bon Jovi. Skripkunis said that she was contacted by Bon Jovi's management team within an hour of posting a makeshift sign pleading for a visit. “One of her biggest dreams was to meet him, ever since I was little,” Skripkunis told NBC Philadelphia.

When Skripkunis brought her mother to JBJ Soul Kitchen in Toms River, N.J., she never told Cesario that her favorite rocker would be there. “I lied to her,” Skripkunis said. “I told her I wrote to his restaurant, that they said they couldn’t pass fan mail on, but that they had invited us for a free meal. It was a free meal, but it was a free meal with Bon Jovi there.”

Bon Jovi gave Cesario a preview of his band's upcoming album, a signed book and guitar, and a kiss. “She slept with the book he gave her,” Skripkunis added. Cesario's cancer has more recently spread to her spleen and adrenal glands, according to family members. That's led to a merry-go-round of doctor visits over the past five months. Skripkunis said Bon Jovi's visit brought a much-needed ray of sunshine.

"Hanging out with freaking Jon Bon Jovi was absolutely freaking insane," she said. "Me and my sister finally freaking did it! Everyone sharing and some good friends definitely helped make it happen. Bon Jovi has always been mom's ... and my thing since I was, like, 4 years old, and we finally did it for our mom. My heart is so happy today. Unbelievable."

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