The Wolfe's aren't too traditional, but on Christmas Eve we do this every year!

Since I was a kid, every Christmas Eve my family and I would open up one present before bed. Usually, my parents would determine the present and my brother and I would open one gift on Christmas Eve night.

Then, my Dad and I would put out Christmas cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa and some carrots for his reindeer. After that I'd watch the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (the 1966 version, of course!), then off to bed before Santa got there.

I've done this every year no matter my age and thankfully my husband let me pass this tradition on to our own family.

This year will be the first time my son will experience it and since he's nearly 8 months old, he won't remember this Christmas, but I will.

Share your Christmas traditions below and Merry Christmas!

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