By now you have probably decided whether you're going ham or turkey--or something else--for your Christmas dinner. Being new to the Twin Fall's area, I was curious as to what the locals prefer to carve on their dinner tables. Let's just say tradition is alive and well in southern Idaho.

Two weeks ago my boss walked up to me and asked "Ham or turkey?" Not exactly knowing where she was going with this, I immediately blurted out "Turkey." Turns out the good folks at Falls Brand Independent Meat Company have a tradition of generously distributing delicious holiday fare to several area businesses.

Growing up in California, my family didn't each much ham during the holidays. Maybe it was just my mother's preference, seeing as she was the undisputed champion of preparing family feasts. So, I decided to contact a local professional to get a better understanding of which direction the Christmas meal pendulum swung here in Twin Falls.

"Well, as you know, traditionally it's turkey for Thanksgiving, and ham for Christmas," said Falls Brand Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Howard. "This is how it's been here since way back in the day."

Ok, so I can't say I was shocked by this information, but I was slightly surprised by just how much of a non-debate this subject is to Idahoans. The numbers are there to prove it too.

"For November and December, we moved about 500,000 pounds of ham here. As far as turkey for that time period, about 30,000 pounds, said Howard. "That's smoked turkey, cause that's what we do."

The poll I took today here in the office for Christmas meal preferences yielded the following results:

Turkey = 2 ; Ham = 5 ; Prime Rib = 2

So, I'm not completely alone, but it's safe to say a good portion of Twin Falls boycotts the bird come Christmas, and sticks with tradition.

John Howard had one more thing to say.

"From all of us, our 235 employees here at Falls Brand, we wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays." And buy more ham," Howard said, chuckling.

Enjoy your feast, and happy holidays from all of us here at The Snake too. Classic Rock makes for a great side dish for both turkey and ham.




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