I'm a goal setter and if I'm not careful, I can create a crazy list of goals that are completely unattainable. So this year, I'm making New Year's Resolutions that are actually FUN!

What I'm about to propose is going to sound insane, but to all the parents out there, you know what I'm talking about. Every single moment is planned and scheduled out for everyone except me. First priority is my son, then my husband, then my job, then my chores at home, then make dinner, and the list goes on.

Where do I fit in there?

This year, I'm changing that. This year, I'm going to do more for just me.

  • tyler olson
    tyler olson

    Get My Hair Done!

    If I look good, I feel good. I will start on the outside till my insides feel good. I'm getting my hair did every two months this year!

  • Luiz Rocha Rocha
    Luiz Rocha Rocha

    Date Night!

    In 2015, my husband and I are going out without the baby at least once per quarter (that's every three months). I think that is totally do-able. And it doesn't have to be at a fancy steakhouse, but I'm OK with that too. Even an afternoon nap without the baby sounds nice to me.

  • m-imagephotography

    Enjoy My Baby!

    I have trouble slowing down and living in the moment. So this year, when I'm at home, I'm at home. When I'm at work, I'm at work.

  • Dirima

    Roll With The Changes

    I'm a Type A personality and I don't think I can change that (without massive shock therapy), so my goal for 2015 is when unexpected things happen, just roll with it.

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