Despite all of the controversy surrounding North Korea and Sony's cancellation of 'The Interview,' Moneyhorse Games' satirical  run-and-gun title starring Kim Jong-Un is still being developed.

Glorious Leader! creator Jeff Miller claims that the recent events involving North Korea and 'The Interview's cancelled release have inspired him and his team to work harder at releasing their farce shooter title starring Kim Jong-Un, Polygon reports. Of course, Glorious Leader! is a bit more light on making fun of the North Korean dictator by making him fight off a North Korean invasion by himself. Kim Jong-Un riding on the back of a unicorn is much more subtle in terms of comedy at the wide despot's expense than sending Seth Rogan and James Franco over to North Korea with a hidden mission to assassinate him.

"We want the game to be as topical as possible," Miller said. "We didn't know things were going to get this weird."

Miller's studio, Moneyhorse Games, just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of the game while the feelings are still fresh from Sony backing down to the threats of the North Korean hackers who demanded 'The Interview' be cancelled. With 25 days to go, Glorious Leader! has reached roughly $6,500 of its $55,000 goal (almost 12 percent).

Moneyhorse Games already mentioned that Microsoft rejected the game for an Xbox Live release and we doubt Sony will ever give the green-light for a PSN launch. Nevertheless, Miller intends on releasing Glorious Leader! for PC and moving on to smartphones and tablets sometime afterwards.

For those who would like to see it in action, here is the trailer of Glorious Leader! that was released this past spring.

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