The illness know as whopping cough has been reported by the Idaho Public Health District. At least one student has tested positive for the highly contagious illness. Pertussis is a very serious respiratory infection that exposes children, and the elderly, to elevated risks for contraction. The illness has been reported in the Kimberly School District, according to information on the health district's website. The bacteria Bordetella pertussis causes symptoms ranging from violent coughing, difficulty breathing and fatigue, to fever and other cold-like symptoms. The illness caused more than 58,000 deaths in 2015, with children under the age of 3 months being the most at risk, according to the CDC. The health district is urging parents of children with symptoms to have them stay home from school, and to contact a health provider. Coughing and sneezing are the two most common ways of passing this illness on to others. Contact the South Central Public Health Department at 208-737-5900 if you have questions or concerns.

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